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-ATI suffix is a multidisciplinary collective whose name change on a project base in order to deny closed identities.  The adoption of the Italian grammar suffix -ATI is methodologically devised to allow each project to be conceived and understood as reciprocal, imperative to the public and self-transformative for the project members

Example : do!/done make!/made fight!/fought 


The Grammar interstice



In Italian a reflexive verb [ to X ] expresses an action in which the subject is also the object:


Mi X         <I X myself>


Reflexive verbs are conjugated with reflexive pronouns, which normally precede the finite verb form but are attached to infinitive:


Mi X            <I X myself>

X si             <to X oneself>

X andoci     <X ing ourselves>  


When the reflexive verb is conjugated in the imperative the suffix -ATI is used:


X ati             <X yourself!>


This same suffix -ATI also stands for the past participle in the plural.


Past participle : reflexive imperative = to be subjected : to induce


The person who is doing the action is therefore also the person who is receiving the action.

In that sense reflexive verbs can also express RECIPROCAL actions:

Grammatically not all verbs can be reflexive, only the ones that the subject can do himself.

The –ATI suffix is now ready to erase this grammar weakness and conjugate in reciprocal/reflexive any verb.




-ATI considers activity and passivity as self-influencing attitudes to be simultaneously  experienced.


-ATI is a state of mind that implies the erasure of the public/performer boundary.


-ATI is a collective dimension that aims at corrupting any individual spheres.


-ATI is an open source grammar interstice that anyone can use.


-ATI in itself doesn’t exist. It is only temporarily manifested when the suffix blends into an action.


-ATI can be mixed with anything by anyone


-ATI is now and then and does not acknowledge past/present differences.


-ATI does not recognize impersonality.


-ATI is always here but never there.


-ATI is like a tellina. 

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