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Interactive installation

Columbia University StudioX, Istanbul 2015

curator Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen

Natalia Agati, Emanuele Caporrella, Emanuela De Felice, Matteo Locci, Meritxell Campos Olivé,  Alejandra Coste Montenegro, Francesco Restuccia, Maria Rocco, Panagiotis Samsarelos, Merve Yucel


The work is conceived as a site specific installation for the ground floor space under Borusan Holding’s headquarter. As a means to critically acknowledge the context and the exhibition sponsorships, UrbanBeachScape explores Sand’s relevance in nowadays capital flows. Extracted at a greater rate than its renewal, Sand is the second most used natural resource and its economy exemplifies the very essence of the current urban model. Throughout the filling of 30 tons of Sand into the exhibition space of Columbia University Studiox, the installation opens up a space of reflection and direct engagement with the hidden frame of capitalism by the means of transforming a working place into an urban beach.


Il lavoro è concepito come un’installazione site specific per il piano terra del quartier generale della società Borusan. Affrontando con consapevolezza critica il contesto e lo sponsor della mostra, UrbanBeachScape esplora il valore della sabbia nel flusso contemporaneo di capitali. Estratta ad una velocità maggiore del suo rinnovo, la sabbia è la seconda risorsa naturale più utilizzata e la sua economia è esemplificativa della vera natura del modello urbano attuale. Riempendo lo spazio espositivo della Columbia University, Studiox, con 30 tonnellate di sabbia, l’istallazione apre uno spazio di riflessione e di impegno diretto nelle pieghe nascoste del capitalismo, attraverso la trasformazione di un luogo di lavoro in una spiaggia urbana.



Sandists from all over the world, coastal fighters, transhore activists, nudity movements and all the precious confederates of the beach liberation front. Companions of years of struggles and fights, it's time to accept our mistakes. For long time summer leisure’s desire has been the main work incentive . Working for the holidays. Working for the summer time. Working for the beach. Nowadays capitalism has put the sand into production. The physical relevance of spaces conceived to prepare citizens/consumers for the summer time is clear to everyone. From fitness centers to construction sites the city is shaped into UrbanBeachScape.

UBS is business, because capital puts beach desire into production

UBS is construction, because sand is the second most used natural resource

UBS is aesthetics, because urban bodies are always ready for the beach

UBS is exploitation, because beaches dissapear as cities grow  

We witness it. We explore it. We fight it. 


Create the new UrbanBeachScape detached from beauty, from construction abuse, from capitalism and from natural exploitation. Satisfy your beach desire and keep it for the future. Subtract the sand from speculation mechanism. Free all its revolutionary potential. Move yourself and don’t look back. The sand is warm.

Be ready to dance.


Trip around italy ( on going project )  

Every postcard sold finances, exclusively, current and future resarch activity of the beach liberation front including, yet not limited to, sunbathing. 

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