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International  May Workshop

Linz University, Architecture dept

2017, Linz, Austria

Natalia Agati, Costanza Coletti, Matteo Locci, 

Pick a place. Wait for the right disturbance. Enjoy it, then pause.  

Pigeons appeared.

"You are afraid that the WE 
are taking over
We already know what you eat
Forget the youth, forget punks, 
ultimatelly WE will take over the city
Rats work underground, but WE 
work over your heads so we also 
have the opportunity to shit on you
Give us more bananas"

Get ready, join the Pigeon Procession at 14.00 starting from Kollegiumsgasse and going to Hauptplatz then up the ruff to and turn up the volume. 

Pigeons are our Karma.
Pigeons are the Future.
Praise the Pigeon with us.

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